Pro Pro and Spring Meeting

The 2013 season is  off and running!!!!!

Would like to thank everyone that attended the 2013 Spring Meeting at The Ranch Club. We had a great turnout!!!!!!! Thanks to Andrew, Nick and all the staff at The Ranch Club for hosting the events. We are looking forward to the Fall Meeting and Chapter Championship in September.

Thanks to Monte Koch for a great education session!!!! Had a great turnout.

After a 30 minute delay because of a little snow the Pro Pro final got started with 10 teams. Here are the final results:

1st Place Tie

66- Greg Morris from Iron Horse/Josh Anderson from The Wilderness Club & Andrew Lettrich from Glacier View/ Gene Edstrom from The Highlands each player won $191.

3rd Place

69- Josh Walsh from Butte CC/ Tim Bakker from Double Arrow Resort each player won $150.

4th Place Tie

70- Jess Roper from Village Greens/Kellan Sasken from Green Meadow CC, Jason Lethola from Linda Vista/Steven Williams from Iron Horse, Tod Fitterer from Butte CC/Andrew Flikkema from The Ranch Club & John Warren from Eagle Falls/Jeff Dooley from Cabinet View each player won $54.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in all the events.